Alcohol Abuse Facts and Statistics – Beware this Habit

alcohol abuse facts

What is alcohol

Alcohol is a drug that may leave harmful effects in our body. Here we are discussing alcohol abuse facts and statistics to get beware this bad habit. It makes slow the natural functions in our body and in the retaliation, we react lazy and unsteady moment.

alcohol abuse facts

Alcohol reacted very sharp in our body. It absorbed into the blood via small blood vessels that connect to the walls of the stomach and small intestine. It reacts very quickly within few minutes and travel from stomach to brain to slow down the performance of our nerve cells.

Alcohol facts and Statistics

There are different levels of alcohol in different brands.

  • Beer indicate 2 to 6% Alcohol include
  • Cider indicate 4 to 8% Alcohol include
  • Wine indicate 8 to 20% Alcohol include
  • Tequila indicate 40% Alcohol include
  • Rum indicate 40% or above Alcohol include
  • Brandy indicate 42 % or above Alcohol include
  • Gin indicate 40 to 48% Alcohol include
  • Whiskey indicate 40 to 52 Alcohol include
  • Vodka indicate 40 to 50% Alcohol include
  • Liqueurs indicate 15 to 60% of Alcohol include in different brands.

Alcohol Abuse Facts

  • Alcohol only should take six minutes to react with brain cells.
  • Due to abuse of Alcohol, world wide one person dead in every 10 seconds.
  • Alcohol is not an element that is digested in our body, while it absorbed into the blood stream and effects quickly.
  • It is commonly known that people used to drink alcohol to forget their memories. There is no truth behind this myth, it’s actually loss your memories for the time being, because you have low access to your brain but after relaxing everything being normal as becomes first.

alcohol abuse facts

  • For better health and safety for human. Cancer chances could be prevented more than 35% by avoiding tobacco and alcohol.
  • Russia is top rated country with the usage of alcohol. Due to having low level of alcohol in beer. Till 2013, beer was not considered as an alcoholic beverage in Russia.
  • Different companies make strong the beer to sell more their products, increasing high level of alcohol. A beer which is considered the strongest beer in the world, include 67.75% of alcohol volume. This is very harmful for the people who use normal beer and consider them same with other strongest brands.
  • U.K government allowed to every kids above age 5, can drink alcohol at home or other private places.
  •  A survey shows that every day more than 6 people died in United States of America with the alcohol poisoning.

Bad Facts About Alcohol

alcohol abuse facts

  • One of the most alcohol abuse facts in guns shooting. In professional shooters, alcohol is considered for better performances. Because alcohol makes slow down your heart rate and relaxes you. In that situation they can easily focus on the target.
  • Mostly people also used weapons after getting alcohol. This is extremely alcohol abuse facts that after taking strong beer or high level of alcohol, you will be out of control. Even your brain should not control in your self and at that moment.
  • After getting alcohol, driving is the very dangerous for you and also for other people on the road and most of accidents are happened due to alcohol used.

Alcohol is a drug and addiction of any drug is very bad habit or near to death. Alcohol abuse facts shows that we must be considered limits for better and healthy life style.

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