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Alexander The Great Facts – Surprising Information and Biography

Alexander The Great Facts

The conqueror with great military tactics of the ancient world, Alexander the great King of Macedonia was born on 20th July 356 B.C., amazing success from 18 ages,  Alexander started to gain a good  reputation of leading abilities in battle field. Alexander The Great Facts about conquered speed was impressive for other Empires.

15 years of conquest, Alexander The Great Facts

Alexander The Great Facts

  • The King Alexander never lost even a single battle in the fifteen years of battleship.
  • At the age of twenty, Alexander The Great King, defeat his father in Macedonian
  • Alexander took very harsh step to become a strong King with great empire, This is the real Alexander The Great Facts that He eliminate his potential rivals even also including his cousin, Amyntas 5th, who was dominated.
  • Alexander the Great took huge success in the world with great victories. Simultaneously, Alexander was the King of Macedonia, Egypt, Pharaoh, Persia and also the King of Asia.

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Alexander the Great Timeline

Alexander The Great Facts

  • This is truly amazing the Alexander The Great Facts that He washed his hair in high quality Saffron to keep his hair Orange and shiny for a better look.
  • During the huge Empire of Alexander the Great, He wrote his own rules and laws for different communities to become a single unit and friendship relation for peace. In his laws, was clearly mentioned to intermarriage and family ties for a better and long relationship.
  • Alexander faced in his life very cruel and tyrant, even in his childhood, He was not much fascinated in his own lifetime.

Persians Impact on Alexander The Great

Alexander The Great Facts

  • Alexander the great facts that He was much inspired by the Persian people, In-fact, after conquered of Persian He started his life style according to the Persian style like dressing and Empire attitude and also took two wives from Persia.

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  • Alexander The Great one of his eyes was blue and the second one was brown.
  • Alexander married three times, one of his wife Rhoxana which is His love and other two wives belongs to Persian princes and he married for such political reasons.

Alexander The Great Weird Facts

Alexander The Great Facts

  • This is a different thought from different analysis about The Great Alexander that may have been bisexual. This is amazing about Alexander the great facts that in His bisexual was not a part of controversial.
  • Alexander was great likely to drink alcohol, He made a drinking contest among his companions and after the completion of the contest forty two people were dead due to alcohol poisoning.
  • Alexander was suffering from a psycho disease, ailurophobia. This is actually a fear of Cats.

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Alexander The Great Death

Alexander was dead only at the age 32. He was a King only for twelve years. The Alexander the Great died of Malaria fever in Babylon, which is now (Iraq). After His death few months later, His loving wife Rhoxana, gave a birth of his son. After Alexander death, his empire, which was a  combination of different cultures and societies were collapsed and everyone wants to get power and domination.