Amazing Space Facts about Black Holes – Super Massive

amazing space facts

Eventually described this amazing space facts, black hole in space is a place where gravity shows so much more even light cannot get out. The gravity is so big and strong because matter has been specified into a tiny space. This can be happen when a star is dying.

Having no light can get out, normally people are not able to see black holes. They are highly invisible. Space telescopes can watch these with special tools can help search black holes. The specific tools can see how that closely stars to black holes act differently than far away or other stars.

Black Holes are Bigger

These holes are in different sizes, can be big or small. Astronomers think the smallest holes are as small as like just one atom. These holes are very tiny but have the mass of a large mountain. Mass is actually the amount of matter, or “thing,” in an object.

amazing space facts

Stellar another kind of black hole. Its larger according to mass up to 20 times more than the mass of the solar hub (Sun). There may be many, many of other stellar mass black holes exist in Earth’s galaxy. Our planet Earth’s galaxy is called Milky Way (Galaxy).

Due to huge mass the largest black holes are announced “super mass”. These black holes have has amazing space facts huge masses that are bigger than 1 million suns together. Scientists have proof that every large galaxy contains a super huge massive black hole at its center. The other super massive black hole at the center of the Earth’s Milky Way galaxy is called Sagittarius A. It has a bigger mass equal to about 4 million suns and would fit inside a very massive ball that could hold a few million Earths.

Amazing Space Facts – Black Holes Form

According to Scientifically assumption that the smallest black holes formed when the new universe began.

amazing space facts

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Interesting Space Facts – That we Must Know about Space

When a big star collapses in itself the Stellar black holes are made. When this appears, it causes a supernova which is Amazing Space Facts. A supernova is another process of smashing star that collapse part of the star into space.
Most often Scientists claim that super massive black holes were appear at the same time as the galaxy they are in.

Found the Black Hole

It is not easy to see a black hole because strong gravity pulls all of the light into the center of the black hole. But the scientists or Astronomers can see how the massively gravity affects the stars and gas around the hole. Having huge experience and knowledge Scientists can study stars to find out if they are moving around, or orbiting, a black hole.


amazing space facts

Heavy energy light is made when a black hole and a star are nearest together. This type of light cannot be seen normally with human eyes. Scientists use satellites and specific telescopes in space to see the huge-energy light.

Black Holes Dangerous for Earth?

Definitely we have not worried about these black holes because these holes do not go in the space to smashing stars, planets or moons. Although, there are no black holes is so close to the Solar system of Earth to do destroy.

Amazing Space Facts

Even if a black hole have the same mass as compare to sun were to take the place of the sun, Earth still would not fall in but still will move around in its orbit. Earth and the other planets would orbit the black hole as they orbit the sun now.
The sun will never move around into a black hole. The sun is not a big enough star than real massive to make a black hole.