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Facts About Disney – Animator, Cartoonist, Walt Disney World

facts about disney

Walt Disney was an American cartoon artist and popular as a pioneer of Kids Fun-land, Disneyland and cartoon films also. He was expert in motion-picture, television ads and showman as a Cartoon explorer. Facts about Disney, Walter Eliaz as a Walt Disney was born on December 1901 in Chicago. His mother was German-American, Flora Call Disney and his father were an Irish-Canadian.

Walt Disney was on number five children in his brothers and sisters.  At the age of childhood he started drawing, painting and also selling to neighbors and some family friends who love Disney work.

True Facts About Walt Disney

  • In 1923 Disney brothers established their studio with the name “Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio”, but in 1926 it was changed a name Walt Disney.
  • The very first animated film of Mickey Mouse was launched in 1928 at the New York colony Theater.

facts about disney

  • In 1955, Very First Ticket of Disneyland for admission for $1.
  • The size of Walt Disney World Resort is spread over 40 square miles, which is larger than two Manhattan islands.

Disney First Park Outside of the USA

facts about disney

  • Tokyo Disneyland opened in 1983 and was the first Disney based park outside of the USA. It was a true facts about Disney when the first time, Disney researchers start their business outside the country.
  • It is really true facts about Disney World’s that many people lost their casual accessories like Cell phones, Cameras, Caps, and hats etc, and also found different items in large amount.

Disney Animated Films

  • Disney’s films are also very expensive than Hollywood movies, like Disnye’s production, film Tangled was highly expensive than Hollywood Avatar’s making.
  • Disney makes good business from their theme park In USA or from outside the country than from their movie production.

facts about disney

In 1929, Walt Disney created silly friends of the featured character Mickey Mouse includes, Donald Duck, Pluto, Goofy, Minnie Mouse. First Oscar awarded color cartoon, Flowers and Trees were produced by Walt Disney. Famous creation of Disney, Three little pigs and its title song that always afraid of the Big bad wolf, actually narrate the country great depression.

Facts about Disney – Mickey Mousefacts about disney

The Mickey actual name was “Mortimer Mouse”, after getting convinced by his wife, Walt Disney changed its name into Mickey Mouse and that was perfect changed.

Disney Social Activities

Walt Disney’s patriotism appeared in his character Mickey Mouse during the World War Second. Facts about Disney that he always promoted national security and war bonds through posters advertising. When the war was over and things grow up, once again Mickey Mouse was released to consider on adventures with silly characters.

Today, Walt Disney Studios are much famous with the full-length features like Frozen, Seven Drafs, The Princes and the Frog, Aladdin and many more.

Walt Disney Last Days

Walt Disney died at the age of 65 on December 1966, he was diagnosed with lung cancer. In those days, Walt Disney planned to create a new theme park in Florida, but before the completion of this project, He was no more in the world, that was true facts about Disney. He was buried in Los Angeles, California. Later on, His brother Roy carried on the Florida theme park, which was inaugurated in 1971 and was named Walt Disney World.

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