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Facts about Dolphins -12 Amazing Dolphins Fun Facts for kids – 2017

facts about dolphins

Information about Dolphins

Dolphins are very highly intelligent mammal, also help mankind in fishing and rescue. There are 43 different kinds of dolphin species around the world and all of these dolphins have different facts. Facts about dolphins is one of most interesting topic to read.
facts about dolphin for kids
According to its good sense ability, the United States Navy has almost 73 armies trained dolphins that are on duty and help to detect enemy swimmers and under water assets. Here we discuss different more facts about dolphins. Dolphin coloration different in more species, but they are generally more gray in color with darker upper side of body than the rest of their bodies.

Here we discuss different more facts about dolphins.

Amazing True Facts about Dolphins

facts about dolphin for kids

  •  Mostly, average life of dolphins, fish is considered 15 years, but in different species of dolphins lived 50 years also.
  •  This is really amazing facts about dolphins that dolphin always sleep with one eye open  and one eye closed.
  •  Having good sense ability in dolphins can communicate each other even over the telephone and also recognize their voices.
  •  Dolphins and whales are the mammals in the water world that gave birth and the tail becomes first seems as human baby born with the head comes first.
  •  Dolphin also used to eat, Japanese and Peru consumed Dolphin meat as a meal.
  •  Mother’s always take care their infants, but the fishes are free with that symptom, but infanticide is noticed in bottle-nose Dolphin.

facts about dolphin for kids

  • It is the real facts about dolphins that used its tail for prey. Using its tail flip of a fish out of the water and then gets prey as a meal. This may highly intelligence of a mammal.
  • Usually, the concept is developed about offshore dolphins that not swim in the deep sea, but it is proven with the evidence of deep sea fishes were found in dolphin stomachs. It means offshore dolphins can dive more than 500 me deep in a sea.
  • A study about common bottlenose dolphin, which indicates that all dolphins communicate to each other with proper sentences like human talks with each other.
  •  This is weird facts about dolphins that intercourse should happen belly to belly.
  • This is amazing dolphin facts for kids that a dolphin can jump more than 20 feet from out of the water, which looks so interesting.
  • Dolphins have been a natural sensibility radar system that ever uses echolocation system to find food and also navigate the points. This is amazing.

Killer Whales

facts about dolphins

The killer whale, which is commonly called whale or Orca, is actually from a dolphin species. Killer whale resists against whale, and shark. The Orca is the apex predator of the ocean and the biggest member of the dolphin family. Killer whale is highly intelligent and sharp swimming mammal that is amazing facts about dolphins. Orca name was happened from ancient sailors, when it found with the great hunting tactics with incredible speed.

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Dolphins are very helping with each other like altruistic animals, they are known to heart feeling and also help injured individuals, not even stay also help to the surface to breath. Dolphins also help humans. We really need to get lessons from such an utmost intellectual mind’s of mammals.

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