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Facts about Edgar Allan Poe – Biography and Skills

Facts about Edgar Allan Poe

Celebrities are not born, they prepared themselves. It is not easy to fight in the living area’s. Your only is power is not your physically. Your aim, mental skills and unique senses make you able be strong. Facts about Edgar Allan Poe will shows you that how you can do your best.

Edgar Allan Poe Biography

Facts about Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe was born on 19th  January, 1809 in Boston Massachusetts, America. He is famous about his tales, horror poems and mysterious writing. His famous writing specimen are “The fall of the house of usher” and the “The Raven” etc. His writing skills that attract the people are based on imagination and that is reason readers show their interest from world wide. Behind his writing activities his real life was a myth even his death. Actually, Poe was never feel parents life. His mother was a British actress and his father was also an actor. But his father left his family and his mother was no more due to tuberculosis and he was only three years old.

Facts about Edgar Allan Poe

Here are different facts about Edgar Allan Poe.

  • Edgar Allan Poe had actually an elder brother “William Henry Leonard Poe” and secondly a younger sister “Rosalie Poe”.
  • At the age of 13 he decided to publish his own book and he write some sufficient poetry to publish.
  • He was published his first book name “Tamerlane”. Edgar Allan Poe was only 18 years old at his first publish.
  • Poe published many of short stories but one of his story got contest sponsored by the “Saturday Visitor”.
  • After getting success of contest winning of Saturday Visitors, he continued to publish his more work. In Richmond ,”southern Literary Messenger” offered him to work as editorial position.

Facts about Edgar Allan Poe

  • Hiring of Southern Literary Messenger was a great edge for him. Because, Poe wrote different books reviews and short stories. Very rapidly he grew in writing popularity after just publishing the magazine.
  • Poe’s was famous about his critics. Specially when he wrote critics on the famous writers. He got a fearless critic writer position.
  • Edgar Allan Poe married with a girl “Virginia Clemm” and she was only 13 years old and Poe was at the age 27.
  • In 1837 Poe wrote his own novel with the title of “The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym”. He decided his own novel writing when he was unhappy with the limited control of magazine editorial.
  • In 1884, Poe wrote about imagination. His famous story about balloon trip and in this imaginary story he crossed the ocean. Even it was a great hoax, but people really like it.
  • When “The Raven” was published, Poe was become very popular as he never think about himself.

Virginia Eliza Clemm Poe

Facts about Edgar Allan Poe narrates the life of a writer that gives new ways of writing skills to the world. Virginia was died at the age 24. Virginia’s death was a reason to become halt. Poe was died only after two years of Virginia’s death. His death is also a mystery. Nobody, knows the causes of his death. The house and museum of Edger Allan Poe is located in Baltimore. People believed that Poe lived there.

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