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Facts About Queen Elizabeth 1 – Interesting Royally

Facts About Queen Elizabeth 1

Queen Elizabeth 1

Elizabeth I is one of the most popular and iconic personality of England. She was a virgin queen, which saw herself weeded to her kingdom. She was able to make peace in the country near half of the century after huge riots of her sibling’s short domination. We have a great charm to know about queen Elizabeth I. Here we know facts about Queen Elizabeth 1.

She was flame haired with white face and always wear royal dress. She had inherited abilities and natural charisma like her father Henry Viii. She was also more charming and love able for the country people like her father.

Facts About Queen Elizabeth 1

  • Queen Elizabeth I was born in 7th September at the palace Greenwich.
  • Elizabeth became England’s Queen in 1558 and she died in 1603.
  • Elizabeth funeral was held at 28th April 1603 and she buried at Westminster Abbey.
  • She was only 25 years old when She was crowned with the title of Queen at Westminster Abbey.


  • She had different nick names as people remember to her. Like “The Virgin Queen”, “Gloriana” and “Queen of Bess”.
  • Elizabeth also gave some people nickname by herself which she trusted and loved. She called William Cecil her “Spirit”, because She got more inspiration by himself. She expressed her love with the nick name of “eyes” to Robert Dudley.
  • Elizabeth was only 2 years old when her mother Anne Boleyn was executed.
  • There is a myth behind execution of Elizabeth’s mother Anne Boleyn, because many historians said differently about it. Major of said that her mother was innocent of all charges and she was down with a conspiracy strategy by Thomas Cromwell.
  • It is noticed that Queen Elizabeth mention her mother only few times. But She really loved her mother. Because She always used to wear a locket ring contained miniature of herself along with her mother miniature.

Queen Elizabeth 1 Facts Strange

Facts About Queen Elizabeth 1

  • Everyone know about Elizabeth I that She was a virgin Queen. Actually she was frightened with the marriage life. After the death of her step mother, She announced strongly that she will never marry. And she did it.
  • Even she never married in her life, but her showing of love to people created multiple signs for the people like her close relationship with Robert Dudley,Chris topher Hatton or Robert Devereux and other close relationship people. That was all rumours about Queen Elizabeth I.
  • There is another myth about Elizabeth I that she wrote some plays for William Shakespeare’s. There is no prove or evidence of this matter. This is only rumour without any authentication.
  • Elizabeth had a slogan of  “Semper Eadem”, the meaning of this slogan is “Always the Same” and She ever tried to make her slogan strong.
  • Elizabeth used royal dresses. She was very popular in fashion. Wigs were mostly used in fashion and she knows very well to used.
  • Elizabeth favorite dress color was white and black, which narrated to symbolism purity.

A huge facts about Queen Elizabeth 1 that she developed the church of England and her thinking was similar to be a protestant. But despite of this she was tolerant for both thoughts of Protestant and Catholic point of views. She always said that, there is only one Christ, Jesus, one faith and all that. And always said about her charm regarding men’s soul in her life. She never want to be.

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