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Facts About Japan – The Land of Shrines and Temples

facts about japan

Japan is the place of thousands of shrines and temples. It consists on Mountains and National Parks. Japan’s capital is Tokyo, which is commonly known as shopping hub, skyscrapers and also pop culture. Every nation has its own traditions and ambitions. Japan is one of them. Here we are discussing different kind of facts about Japan, please read below.

True Facts About Japan

  • Japan is the country where the Sun rises very first on Earth. Japan name is also derived from “Nippon” which means Sun origin. But according to new search New Zealand is the first country where the Sun rises.
  • Japan Ocean is also known as East Sea, which belongs to the continent of Asia.
  • The number of Islands in Japan is almost 6,852.
  • The highest mountain peak in Japan is Fuji, which is 12,388 feet high (3,766m) from the sea level.

The birth rate in Japan is too low, because the demands of adult diapers are more than baby diapers.

  • Japan is number, 10th largest population in the World which is the true fact about Japan.
  • The Capital city of Japan, Tokyo is a larger city than other cities like Osaka, Sapporo, and Nagoya.
  • Japan’s train system is one of the most perfect and punctual system where the delay time in arrival and departure is too low, their average delay is just 15 to 18 seconds.

facts about japan

  • National Language of Japan is Japanese.
  • Japan situated at Pacific Ring of Fire which has many Volcanoes and faces heavy Earthquakes. According to Geogonic experts, In 2011 the magnitude of the Earthquake was 9.0 that disturbed to Japan and created tsunami which produced huge disaster.
  • One Japan suffers almost fourteen to fifteen hundred Earthquakes, every year.

Japan Facts And Information

  • Japan’s land is very difficult to make into farms, industry. Even residential areas because almost three quarters of Japan’s places is including forest or difficult mountains.
  • Japan’s land is full of Ancient warriors history, they were very skilled in fightings and swordsmen known as Samurai, their sharp edge weapon named as Katana.
  • Japan’s land is full of industries and due to gases produced from its power plants, sometimes Japanese people suffer from Toxic rain.
  • Square watermelons are farming only in Japan that’s really easy to cargo and stored.
  • The most worth-able and passionate companies in the World are Japanese like Toyota (Specialist in Motor vehicles) , Honda, Sony (Electronics), Panasonic, Canon, Nintendo, Sharp and Toshiba also.
  • Not only in industries, Japan is also popular in food around the world, like sushi sashimi and tempura are world famous dishes.

facts about japan

  • Martial Arts is also another true facts about Japan like Judo, Karate, Ninja , Kendo , Aikido and also many others.
  • Japanese culture has some boundaries that may be good for all. For example, late night awakening or club dancing should not like good. But now onward from 2015, it is change.
  • Japanese are very interested in foster to pets and that’s a reason pets are more than children.
  • Japanese people used their mobile phone also during bath. Mostly 70 to 90% mobiles are available in market are waterproof.

Japanese Engineers

A true facts about Japan is, Its most advanced in technology. Japan is a World leader in Robotics, motor vehicles, electronics and machine tools. Japanese Engineers are famous for developing Robots known as ASIMO.