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Human Body Facts – Amazing Knowledge of Human Organs

human body facts

Human body is the spectacular creation by GOD. The human body facts are described as the structure of a human being and composed a head, neck, arms and hands, bunch of bones, legs and feet. There are several facts of Human body.

Every organ of the body is made of various types of cells, the basic unit of life. The study of the human body structure involves both Anatomy and physiology.

Human Body Facts – Smelling Nose

human body facts

  • Human nose is the most sensitive part of our body, it warms the cold air and cold the warm air and also filter to impure our lungs.
  • Our nose can remember multiple scents more than 50,000.
  • Human eyes did not grow from birth but our ears and nose never stop to growing.
  • Nose senses are high in children than older or adults.
  • Female Nose sense of smell always better than men which is amazing human body facts.
  • In sleeping mode we have no sense of smell.
  • Our Taste receptors also effected when the brain didn’t signals response from the tongue and nose.
  • Except of twins every human has absolutely unique smell.

Human Dreaming and Sleeping Facts

human body facts

  • With the help of long sleep we can burn more calories.
  • The Room temperature is effected highly on our sleep, if its colder than may its cause of bad dream.
  • Human body facts from starting to birth Babies start dreaming and most of the time they demand the same thing before just sleeping while.
  • Pregnant women dreams in their first three months are worms, frogs and child plants.
  • According to research average person has over 1430 dreams a year and it means 3 to 4 dreams every night.

Human Teeth Facts

human body facts

  • Human teeth start growing in 6 month inside the mouth before born.
  • The Romans used urine to clean and whiter their teeth.
  • Cleaning teeth properly is the sign to prevent the heart disease.
  • The teeth are the single part of the human body fact that cannot heal and set it by its own.
  • Our teeth are solid like hard rock.

Human Brain Facts:

human body facts

  • Human brain consist 80% is water.
  • The children’s are neglected highly their brain is smaller than a healthy child.
  • Human brain right side is sensible to understand the self recognition.
  • The damage brain cells are not repaired completely.
  • Our brain is highly active at night as compare the day.
  • Brain cannot feel the pain itself.
  • Human brain is the spectacular creating by GOD which is made up of 10 billion cells of nerve and over 49 billion cells and its weight
  • The human brain is made up of more than 10 billion nerve cells and over 50 billion other cells and its weighs less than three pounds.

Human Bones – Body Facts

human body facts

  • This is amazing Human body Facts that our bones are made of 30% of water.
  • Our bones are stronger four times than concrete.
  • Proper nutrition, Bones are stronger than some steel also.
  • A baby born child has over 300 bones but some of the bones are fuse together and at the age of adult remain 206 bones.
  • Human skeleton consist of 22 bones.



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