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Interesting Facts about the Sun – Star Facts

Interesting facts about the sun

Sun is a star. Massive in size and consist of huge amounts of heat and gases. We get light, climate and different weather season through this Solar system hub. The interesting facts about the sun is, its size that is near about 695,507 km which is 109.3 times than Earth radius.

Sun Evolution – Interesting Facts about the Sun

interesting facts about the sun

According to science research and facts about the star, about 4.6 billion years ago the sun was born when a massive collapsed was occurring. Still the sun has larger amounts of nuclear fuel to alive in the same position of heat and gases for more near about five billion years. So, there is no need to worry about earth and solar system, just live healthy and happy life. If you really want to read more about this massive star, please read below.

Interesting Facts about the star – Sun

Interesting facts about the sun

  • This is the true facts about the sun for kids that every time question is arise in kids mind, is the sun a planet or a star? Definitely, the sun is a star.
  • The sun is not exactly in the same size or boundary and its visible parts. A distance increase from its center it changes its density.
  • The sun is more than heated star, its visible part from outer side is heated more than 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit, which is almost 5500 degrees Celsius while core temperature is different from outer. According to scientific research, due to nuclear reactions in the sun’s core, the temperature would be more than 15 million degrees Celsius.

interesting facts about the sun

  • There is interesting facts about the sun existence on earth. According to new research of the solar system that almost half of earth water is formed in ice, this is somehow space facts as our sun formed.
  • A huge size of sun is consisting of Gold. This is really amazing facts about the sun for kids.
  • The interesting facts about the sun in the senses of 1/3 Russians people. They believe that the sun move around the Earth not the Earth revolves around the sun.

Interesting facts about the sun

  • As long as all humans are passengers on Earth, also move around the sun at the velocity of 66,600 Miles per hour.
  • Our eyes cannot see the sun continuously. This action may be very harmful and also can get sunburned or lost eye light.
  • The sun looks different in space which is interesting facts about the sun. Human eyes understand the sun color in space, white not yellow as seen on Earth.
  • Sun spread the Neutrinos in every second to the earth that was more than 10 times as compared to the number of people living on earth.

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Plants – Facts about the Earth

Interesting facts about the sun

Plants have a great role on Earth. Research says that normally plants convert the sunlight into energy to maintain the temperature, which is six times greater than human civilization power consumption, this is real facts about the earth.

Facts About Moon

  • This is interesting facts about earth. The sun is 400 times bigger than the moon, but exactly the moon is farther from the earth is 400 times. The total solar eclipse occurs at that time when two same size bodies come to head in the sky.

Sun is a massive resource of emitting radiation that is very harmful to the masses that closes with the sun. The American flag that flared on the moon is now in white color due to sun radiation that is interesting facts about the sun.