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14 Interesting Martin Luther King Jr Facts – You May not Know

Martin Luther King Jr Facts

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr facts is the motivational topic for everyone that you should know, because he is a great civil-rights activist. A person, who always involve for some kind of change that might be any of rights is an activist. An activist always does efforts and campaigns for change in social life. Especially, when a person participates in different march protesting like the closing of libraries, human rights, animal rights etc. is called an activist.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Biography

Martin Luther King Jr. was born 15th January, 1929 in Georgia. King, Martin was a Baptist minister, being a veteran activist in his inspirational speeches made a central role in the segregation of African  American in the United States of America.  King, Martin is the creator of Civil-Rights Act 1964 and also the Voting Rights Act of 1965. In 1964, King, Martin received the Nobel Peace prize being his civil rights activities and also many other honors.

Martin Luther King Jr

Martin Luther King Jr Facts

  • A real name of Martin Luther King, Jr was Michael Luther King, Jr.
  • At the time of King, Martin highly civil activities. In 1964, He received and email from the FBI that accusing him to involve in extramarital affairs and also force to commit suicide that is weird Martin Luther King Jr facts.
  •  A true facts about Martin Luther King Jr I have a dream speech, The famous book title of Martin’s writing, “I have a dream” that was derived from his speech and actually that was not part of speech but improvised that show his inspirational abilities.
  • The world famous personalities Barbara Walters, Martin Luther King Jr. and Anne Frank were all come into this world in the same year.
  • An unbelievable Martin Luther King Jr facts that he was jailed 29 times in his life.
  • King, Martin also win a Grammy award for the best spoken album.
  • In the last speech of Martin Luther king Jr. indicate his death due to affects of power’s aggression and threats.
  • King, Martin was a great leader even when he was awarded with the noble prize, he announced his prize money to reuse in the further activity of civil rights moments.
  • American’s show his love for King, Martin with more than 900 streets were named with the King Martin Jr. after he’s passed away.
  • Martin Luther King Jr. had always opposed to the participation of American’s in the Vietnam war.
  • It’s really sad about Martni luthers’ mother, she was also murdered with the bullet as King, Martin was assassinated.

Martin Luther King Jr Facts for Kids

Martin Luther King Jr Facts

  • Your school exam could not examine your position and actually this was happened with King, Martin, when he was received a C+ grade in public speaking.
  • King, Martin was also fascinated with entertaining programs, he was a huge fan of the Star Trek series.
  • Before the Malala Yousafzai awarded Nobel peace prize 2014, Martin Luther King Jr. was the youngest person to win the Nobel Peace prize.

Martin Luther King Jr Assassination

Martin Luther King Jr Facts

On April 4, 1968, King Martin was murdered by a professional killer, named James Earl Ray. He was only 39 years old.

Martin Luther King Jr. is the only person of USA citizen that is non president, but to have a national holiday announced in his honor. Beside these Martin Luther King Jr Facts you can also see more facts about the King, Martin in Youtube video. If we miss something you can tell us via comment section. We will be happy to see your response.