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Solar System Facts for Kids – Fun Space and Planets Facts

solar system facts for kids

The Solar System is an extremely exciting place. Solar system facts for kids is also an interesting way to learn new thing. A lot of it’s still unknown to we and us uncover something totally new about this every single day. As technologies are evolving same with our capability to see further into this unique space that surrounds our world. Here are a few great details about Earth’s neighbourhood.

The Sun’s Rays is big. It can make up 98 percent from the matter within the solar system. Due to its weight, has most gravity. It pulls all things in the solar system toward it. Simultaneously, the planets pull against that pressure. Due to this push-pull effect, we don’t get too near to the sun or too much away. Rather, we orbit round the Sun in a foreseeable pace and placement.

Solar System Facts for Kids

solar system facts for kids

Here are some solar system facts.

  • It requires the Solar System about 240 million many years to complete one orbit from the Universe.
  • The Sun’s Rays makes up about about 99.86% from the total mass from the Solar System.
  • Earth may be the only devote the Solar System where water can trouble its three states: solid, liquid and vapour.
  • Earth may be the only devote the solar system in which a total solar eclipse can occur.
  • Neptune has got the most powerful winds within the Solar System: 2,100 km/hour (1,304 miles per hour).
  • If the atom were as large as the Solar System, a neutrino would no more than the golf ball.
  • Of all of the solar system’s planets, Venus may be the nearest to some twin of Earth, having a similar size, orbit and composition.
  • Uranus has got the very coldest planetary atmosphere within the Solar System, having a minimum temperature of -371.56 °F (-224 °C).
  • Norway has got the largest scale type of the solar system on the planet. It is incorporated in the proportions of 1:20 million and stretches 950 km across the nation.
  • New from the chemistry from the early solar system states that almost half water now on the planet was inherited from your abundant way to obtain interstellar ice as our sun created.

Facts About The Solar System Planets

solar system facts for kids

  • Mars has got the tallest known mountain on the planet in our Solar System, having a height of twenty-two km (14 mi).
  • Mars has got the largest dust storms within the Solar System. They may last for several weeks and may cover the whole planet.
  • Uranus may be the third-largest planet within the Solar System.
  • Venus has more volcanoes than every other planet within the solar system, with more than 1600. This is amazing solar system facts for kids.
  • The solar product is 4.54 billion years of age.
  • Earth spins around 1,000 miles per hour and hurtles through space in the orbit round the sun at approximately 67,000 miles per hour.
  • Should you considered 150 lb (68 kg) on the planet, you’d weigh 4,200 lb (1,905 kg) around the Sun.
  • Scientists believe there’s a ninth planet within our solar system that’s roughly 10 occasions bigger than Earth. They haven’t had the ability to locate it yet however they know it’s there due to its gravitational effects on other objects.

solar system facts for kids

Solar system facts for kids are interesting and also really need to know about our living origin. We must be give such information to our kids that belongs to our planet or earth system. Science makes new invention and discoveries day by day. It is our responsibility to transfer these success with our young generation.

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