Symptoms of Cocaine Use – Abuse & Addiction Signs

symptoms of cocaine

What is Cocaine 

Cocaine is a white deadly powder. Initially symptoms of cocaine use make able to control this bad addiction. Cocaine is derive from a natural coca leaf. It is commonly used in South America for many years. People use it through chew or ingested as a home remedies to control different disease. Coca leaves is useful in motion, sickness and may also act fast to mental disease.

symptoms of cocaine

Major chemical of white powder is getting from coca leave from a hundreds years ago. Because cocaine was originally, develop as a painkiller. Later on, bad usage of this medicine makes it named deadly white powder. It is most often sniffed through nasal directly mix in the blood flow and also injected in the body using injection. And someone uses it through chewing using gums. But these are all bad and near to death.

Here is different facts about symptoms of cocaine use.

Symptoms of Cocaine Use

symptoms of cocaine

  • Sign of Cocaine use in men addicted with white powder and didn’t want to show. You will see an unexpected change in his/her mood. You may see such people more excited and being confident and show act as a huge sense.
  • When people sniffed the powder, some particles are feasible around the nose and that’s the caution to easy understand.
  • Dilated pupils and reddish eyes are more sensitive from light and noise are sufficient evidence of symptoms of cocaine use.
  • Runny nose and then make it clear again and again, might be nosebleeds which reaction of Cocaine usage are the simple caution of Cocaine use.
  • It is really that how to spot a coke addict that not only sniffed through nose, also inject in their body. It is easy to understand, check a sleepy person’s legs, arms needle’s point.
  • Abuse of Cocaine may increase the caution of heart attack from 100% to 2400 percent only in a single hour.
  • It is really need to control the usage of Cocaine and aware the people of this drug bad. A survey defines that more than 2200 new people in America try to use this drug. It should need to be high alert.

symptoms of cocaine

  • The highest usage value of Cocaine in the world, is Scotland people.
  • More than 90,000 babies are born addicted Cocaine by their mother usage. Because Cocaine was developed as a painkiller and its really reduce the pain. But abuse of this drug may harmful for upcoming generation.
  • The death ratio of Colombians using American tobacco is high than death ratio of American’s using Colombian’s Cocaine.
  • Being much dangerous use of this drug, despite of this its usage increasingly high. It is noticed that world wide sale of Cocaine is getting high profit than McDonald’s, Microsoft and Apple.
  • Drug dealer using babies to carry their drugs from one place to another and having adopted this method by dealers, UK government  check especially baby carriage for cocaine.

Cocaine Safe Use

It is government responsibility to control this death warning. Using high alerts on borders, cargo services and public places. Also there should be need to make rehabilitate centers and found people with the symptoms of cocaine use and admit in hospitals. In Neitherland, addicted people has been provided drug tablets Marijuana and Cocaine etc. But before usage of these tablets it could be sure of its chemical value for addiction.

symptoms of cocaine

Coca is a natural plant and every natural things is not created without true benefits for human life. It is our responsibility to make more research for better usages as ancient people use it and get more benefits from this plant.

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