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Valentine’s Day Facts 2017- You Didn’t Know about Valentine’s Day

Valentine Day Facts

History about Valentine Day Facts

The history about Valentine day facts is actually obscure; various people called it a fanciful legend story. But the truth is that, now this day becomes on a huge level of popularity denoted as a LOVE day. On every 14 February across the US (United States) and also on different places in the whole world is celebrated as a Love day. While some countries, it celebrated officially and some or unofficial like Muslim countries but this day celebrated.

Story of Valentine’s Day

Valentine Day Facts

Every 14th February, many people express their love with the exchanging of love Cards, Cadbury chocolates, Candies, red flowers and different kind of gifts with their special love person with the name “valentine.” This expressing love day, we everyone knows call a Valentine Day.Having huge popularity of this day there are different kind of Valentine day facts, if you really want to know about them. Please read below.

Real Truth about Valentine Day Facts

Valentine Day Facts

  • Today everyone knows about Valentine day is a love day and are exchanged, their love cards on that day. A survey noticed that near about one billion of people exchanged the Valentine’s Day cards that may be the 2nd largest card sending season after Christmas day.

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  • Valentine’s Day is not only based on human kind, People also celebrate this day with their own pets. A retail survey shows us that 3% of pet owners express their love with their pets. This is real Valentine’s Day facts for kids that kids can also celebrate this day.
  • Don’t be worried if you are single still on Valentine’s Day. A day should also celebrate for the single persons named SAD (Singles Awareness Day).
  • It’s a natural symptom that every female wants to be married a handsome male, most of medieval girls ate some strange but effective foods on Valentine day for their future spouse.
  • This is true Valentine day facts that teenagers, young girls and boys pick names from a bowl to guess who would be their Valentine (Love). After getting a name, pinned on their sleeves for at least one week. This is actually a reason to pin your hearts on your sleeves.
  • England’s King Henry Vii announced officially to celebrate the day 14th February the holiday of Valentine’s Day.

Chocolates – Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine Day Facts

  • Chocolate good importance in our lives specially in the day of Valentine’s day as a sweet and delicious gift. Even physicians are also advising their patients to eat Cadbury chocolate to keep calm themselves after getting lost love.
  • Cadbury chocolate was the very first sweet gift for Valentine’s Day. Even company specially made a gift pack for publicly selling.
  • It’s a valentine day facts that more than 36 million different kinds of heart shaped boxes of chocolate are sold on the day of Valentine.
  • Near about 75% of people who buy flowers for their love to make a special moment are men, while women bought different gifts for men which ratio is higher than men.
  • Usually people bought their Valentine cards before the day of 14th Feb, but 55% people got their gifts almost in five days prior Valentine day.

Red Roses – Story of Valentine’s Day

Valentine Day Facts

  • Today everyone knows that Red color is the sign of love and romantic feelings. Red roses have great importance specially ate the Valentine’s day. Because every lover presents a Red rose in his/her expressions.
  • Red rose was the most likely flower of Roman heads.
  • Usually 190 million bouquet or stem of roses are sold in different United States on the day of 14th
  • This is one of the good Valentine day facts that a lot of proposals are received on Valentine’s day every year and people got engaged.

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Valentine’s Day

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