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Valentine’s Day History – Facts, Meaning and Story – 2017

valentine's day history

Valentine is the name of love. When we call a name Valentine is simply we talk about love. Every year on the day of 14 of February, people celebrate this event with warm blood. People found their Valentine at that day, but what is actually Valentine’s day history, here let us know about it. A leap year has much importance for women, traditionally women can propose their partners in that year. Leap year comes after four years when Feb comes 29 days.

Valentine’s Day History

valentine's day history

History about Valentine is actually a mystery. It is really hard to understand about the real man behind the history of Valentine’s day. But truth about valentine’s day history is that today people celebrate this day with full of charm and warm blood. There are different stories about this day. According to Catholic researchers said that at that time there were three christian saint with the same name. One was a bishop in Terni  and the second was a priest, but in Rome and third was Valentine which ends his life in Africa. But there is another myth that all of three saints were martyred on the same day 14th of February.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

According to most Christian scholars that have strong believe about St.Valentine that he was really a priest. Valentine was disfavor from the Roman Emperor Claudius second around 270. Claudius was much restricted by his rules. The emperor was thinking that young people who are the part of his army, didn’t need to get married. Because marriage life makes him weak and lost their battle abilities. Definitely, this rule was not acceptable to the people. Being a saint and priest Valentine performs marriage ceremonies secretly. But this secret was no longer and open at the Emperor.

valentine's day history


After his death people remain his favor even by the strict rules and celebrate his death day with the name of love celebration. Here are different facts about love and Valentine’s Day 2017.

  • It is a true fact that when people fall in love they synchronize their heart beats when they involve into each other through their eyes even just for three minutes. Valentine day encourages the couples to express their feelings at least a decided day.
  • True facts about Valentine’s day history that People remember the memories of Valentine due his love kindness for the people and remain their feelings at the time when rulers prohibited this GOD gift.
  • People can’t stop to keep love. An example has seen when a farmer took a lot of time making a guitar shaped cultivation farm for his loving late wife.

Valentine Meaning

According to another legend about Valentine’s day History. Valentine fell in love with her Claudius daughter and imprisoned by the emperor. Before execution of his death, he wrote a letter with the famous title of “From Your Valentine”. Today, people remain his name with the passage of love. While other people belong his name with the Christian love. Because he refused to renounce his religion and martyred.

valentine's day history

It is true that Valentine’s day history is a myth and different people reacted differently about it. But it is also a truth that this day gives a chance to the people who can express their feelings and share their expressions. It is our responsibility to make sure this love expressions of true manners and live happily through marriage. As GOD give us such a spectacular rule of life.

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