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Volcano Facts for Kids – Interesting Information About Earth

volcano facts for kids

Our Earth is full of mysterious items. A few of things are discovered while many of things that are weird and mysterious are needed to explored. Volcano facts for kids are one of them. In simple words, a volcano is a mountain that opens downwards including molten rocks and gases.

What is Volcano 

volcano facts for kids

The name volcano is actually derived from Roman Methology “Vulcan” which means a God of fire. When the pressure builds in molten rocks it escaped from any side. So, forces way up side that is called fissures and narrow cracks occur in the earth crust. In this way magma erupts on the earth’s surface and that magma is actually called lava.

Volcano Facts for Kids

volcano facts for kids

  • Volcanoes are often located where tectonic plates meet. This is also true for that Off-shore Ring of fireside, a place round the Gulf Of Mexico where over 75% from the volcanoes on the planet are located.
  • Volcanoes are openings within the Earth’s surface. When they’re active they are able to let ash, gas and hot magma escape in sometimes violent and spectacular eruptions.
  • Some volcanoes form near tectonic limitations, they may also form in areas which contain abnormally hot rock within the Earth. Referred to as mantle plumes, these hotspots are located at numerous locations around the world most abundant in notable finding yourself in Hawaii.
  • Hot liquid rock underneath the Earth’s surface is called magma, it’s known as lava after it comes down from a volcano.
  • While we have some big volcanoes here on the planet, the greatest known volcano within our solar product is really on Mars. Its name is Olympus Mons also it measures a whooping 600km (373 miles) wide and 21km (13 miles) high.
  • Many people consider volcanoes as large cone formed mountain tops but that’s only one type, others feature wide plateaus, fissure vents (cracks were lava emerges) and bulging dome shapes.
  • There’s also volcanoes located on the sea floor as well as under icecaps, for example individuals present in Iceland.
  • Volcanic eruptions can send ash high in to the air, over 30km (17 miles) over the Earth’s surface.
  • Large volcanic eruptions can reflect radiation in the Sun. And also drop average temperatures on the planet by around half a diploma. There has been several types of this during the last century.

Volcano’s Stages

volcano facts for kids

Volcano’s are categories on the basis of of their behavior. There are three major categories.

1- Active Volcano:-

This type of volcano has very expected situation once again after recently erupted.

2- Dormant:-

A volcano that not erupted from a long time but, it doesn’t mean that lava should not occur from this mountain. There might be chance to erupt in future. This type of volcano is called dormant.


Extinct volcano’s erupted thousands years ago and there is no chance to erupt again. May be erupted after thousands year. This is interesting volcano facts for kids, if you plan to visit volcano then definitely select extinct volcano to visit. That will be safer for you.

Volcano’s are in high range on our earth and moreover 80% of volcano’s erupted under the water. Once more interesting volcano facts for kids that, in Antarctica active volcano. It erupts crystals and these volcano’s are very close to the research center of United States.

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