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weird but true facts about food

Interesting Food Facts

Food is the essential item for life. It makes our body work able , grow and makes healthy our bodies. It’s just like fuel for our body, similarly without fuel a car could not run and same like food is a body fuel. But some time it could be strange when human found weird foods for health and taste. Yes, I am talking about weird but true facts about food.

10 Most Mysterious – Weird But True Facts about Food

weird but true facts about food

  1. In the old memories for soup is made up with the hippopotamus and sparrow meat which is really strange to know even today.
  2. The famous potato chips were also indulging in a lawsuit to show off that their product is not actually made by pure potato chips.
  3. We commonly used pound for caked that is really denoted from its original recipe like a pound each of eggs, butter, flour and sugar.
  4. Extra boiled or consuming milk may cause of acne specially in teenager, which is weird but true facts about food.
  5. An apple doesn’t belong to fruit family, it’s actually to the rose family like plums.
  6. Watermelon is actually powerful and healthy fruit, but this is called state vegetable in Oklahoma’s region.
  7. This is survey from around the world that almost seventy percent of olive oil is not actually olive oil.
  8. Natural vinegar is costly than synthetic vinegar that commonly we purchase from local market. Like balsamic vinegar price may differ from $90 to $500.
  9. Orange juice packed in fancy bottles, we bought as 100% pure juice, but that’s actually 100% artificial.
  10. Pizza is the most likely food in the world and the most expensive pizza price that available in the market is 12000 dollars.

Weird Foods In the World

There is a brand new rice cracker product weird but true facts about food round the streets of Omachi, Japan. A sphecoid wasp lover cluster (Jibachi Aikokai) has teamed up with an area biscuit maker to make a novel sphecoid wasp rice cracker (Jibachi Senbei).

Although the on top of image may seem like one thing out of a nightmare, these bonkers square measure terribly real and on sale in metropolis Prefecture, Japan.

It’s a senbei, that could be a Japanese form of rice cracker that during this instance, has had a bunch of wasps additional to that for flavor or…health or one thing. We tend to don’t apprehend why specifically however we tend to recently have the pleasure of sitting down with a bag of wasp bonkers, solely to seek out that they really weren’t nearly as ugly as you would possibly expect.

Wasp Hunters

weird but true facts about food

Elderly wasp hunters lay traps round the close rural area to catch the wasps. They’re then cooked in water, dried and so additional to the rice cracker combine. the combination is then sealed during a hot iron cracker cutter. They’re oversubscribed via native markets or at selected gourmand stores.

According to sure sources wasps contain the best share of super molecule of any edible insect – a large eighty one % to be exact! For comparison functions a median cut contains simply twenty %. currently you recognize what to order if you’re needing a super molecule boost!

It appears like a frightful joke however these wasp bonkers square measure genuinely on sale in metropolis Prefecture, Japan, and currently you’ll be able to even obtain them on Amazon (if you’ll be able to scan Japanese).

weird but true facts about food

They’re a classic senbei, a method of Japanese rice cracker that, on this occasion, conjointly includes a wasp or few. Apparently they contain supermolecule, then again therefore will curd, which is not getting to sting you on the method down.

Eating insects is nothing new, and other people square measure progressively attempting to induce on board with the thought that it would be the longer term. We’ve even tried it ourselves, however wasps? That looks like an entire completely different kettle of insects. Particularly if you’ve spheksophobia.

According to resource, who’ve had a go at wasp bonkers, they’re “very very like raisins however had a rather acidic and bitter style to them”. Except you further more may risk obtaining a wing stuck in your teeth.

Jing Leed Weird but True Facts about Food

Jing Leed is a weird but true facts about food that cooked is one in all the foremost common insects for snacking. It is a cricket. They are 1.25″ – 1.5″ long.

weird but true facts about food


Similar to Jing Leed is Jing Kung, and currently we’ve Jing Kung accessible during a will, for snacking. Jing Kung square measure simply slightly larger than Jing Leed, however an equivalent reasonably cricket. In every where you able to get twenty four Jing Kung crickets.

In Thailand, you do not notice street vendor’s commerce cooked this weird but true facts about food insects, obviously you’ll be able to invariably notice them at Temple Fairs command by every temple regarding once a year. These fairs supply not solely a glimpse into the important heart of Thai culture however conjointly give an exact venue for you discover tasty cooked insects purchasable. We tend to conjointly supply cooked bamboo worms during a will.