Top Weird Food Around The World – How To Cook Them

weird food

There are different kinds of weird foods around the world, Sometimes they are only according to their tradition and some of god for nutrition. You will find Tuna eyes in the japans stores. This kind of weird food may strange for the outsider, but not strange for the local.

Most places in Japan and Southeast Asia, Tuna eyes serve as a food in restaurant. This popular weird Japanese food is available in different restaurants and streets in Japan for only less than a dollar or sometime it depends on the Eye ball size.

Tuna Eyeballs – Weird Food Around the Globe

There are different ways to eat this weird food, some of people eat this as it is in raw while some people prefer it after boiling or frying with garlic, chili sauce or other pepper’s. If you really want to eat this weird food, here is a recipe.

weird food

1- Frying

Begin frying Tuna Eyeball, used one tablespoon of oil in a deep pan and frying it over high heat because it is required to make proper frying. You can add as per your taste garlic paste, pepper, chili sauce and fresh chopped ginger and then cook it only for two minutes.  After two minutes shift it into a plate and serve it with fresh lemon.

weird food

2- Boiling

For boiling Tuna Eyeball start with halfway filled water saucepan and boil it with covered lid on. When water is boiled then you can add a Tuna Eyeball and make sure it’s cooked for five minutes. When it boiled, then you can add boiled rice or vinegar sauce to taste. You can also serve it with fresh lemon slice.

weird food

Eastern Europe Weird FoodSalmon Roe

The Russians and Ukrainian are commonly used this weird food, but it’s really good for health. Actually, this kind of food is internal ovaries or egg of Salmon fish. Generally, we heard that Salmon Roe is full of Omega 3s, which is healthy for the heart and also control different heart disease.
weird foods

You can serve Salmon Roe in different ways.

  • On toast
  • With Slight pieces of Fish
  • Mixed higher priced Salmon Roe and used in a spread
  • Used individually with a spoon
  • Used as a garnish
  • Used with the butter topping on bread

Goat HeadWeird Food Around The World

This weird food is used to eat in South Africa and is served complete with cooked brains and skin, Goat tongue and ears are boiled with Tomatoes, Onion, Ginger and with different flavor chili sauce. And surprisingly, it is used to eat in high class restaurants in Southern Africa. In the honor of special guest they served with the goat’s eyes, which are more terrifying and horrible.

weird food

Yak Penis Chinese Food

weird food

In some of Chinese weird food, Yak penis is the strangest food available in China. This food is known as of “Dragon in the Flame of Desire”. It is commonly available in the Beijing restaurant which is very famous for providing food of Penis and testicle food. For skin health and care yak penis is so popular.