Weird Human Brain Facts – Based on Latest Research

human brain facts

Everyone who lives on earth you can think of like mammals, reptiles, birds, fish has a brain. But the human brain is superior to others. Human brain facts describes us to understand our daily routine to live healthy and sharp. Even it’s not the largest in size, it gives makes us able to speak, imagine, creativity and problem solve. It is really an amazing organ.

According to recently research of science that found different kind of human brain facts that’s really amazing and interactive to make our brain more sharp and healthy.

Human Brain Facts about Creative Work

When we illustrate the science of our body facts and how they affect our daily routine work, we found that a lot of the way we had planned days wasn’t really the good way to go about it. The way we did work, in usually, actually has a lot to do with the loops of our body clocks.

human brain facts

For example: If you’re tired or sleepy, your brain is not as better at filtering out malicious and focusing on a specific task. It’s also not more efficient at remembering interaction between ideas or creative concepts. Bother are good things when it comes to fantastic creative work, since this type of work need us to make new connections, be open the window to new ideas and think in new ways. So a tired or sleepy, brain is much more use to us even when working on creative and long projects.

2. Stress changed the size of Our Brain

We found the human brain facts in some research that size of brain decreased due to stress.

human brain facts

One study used on baby monkeys to make different test the effects of stress on development and long-term mental health. Half the monkeys were cared for by their peers for 6 months while the second half monkeys remained with their mothers. Although, the monkeys were returned to same typical their social groups for few months before the researchers can scanned their brains. For those who had been removed from their mothers and fostered for by their related, areas of their brains related to stress were still increased, while after being in normal social conditions for several months.

Although we need more studies to emphasize this fully, it’s pretty scary to think that huge stress could affect directly or indirectly on our brains.

Once more study found that in rats that were exposed to chronic stress, the hippocampuses in their brains really shrank. The hippocampus is integral (mathematically) to forming memories. There should be debated before whether Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can actually shrink or decrease the hippocampus, or people with naturally decreased hippocampuses are just more prone to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. This study points out that stress actually changing the brain size.

3. Naps Improve our Brain’s Performance

We’re pretty sure that how a good sleep is more than important for our brain to work sharp and actively, but what we think about naps? It turns out; the little bursts of sleep are actually really helpful.

human brain facts

Improved Memory

According to study, participants memorized emphasized cards to check out their memory strength or values. After memorizing a type of cards, they had a 45-minute break in that time one group napped, and the second stayed awake. After the break bother were tested on their memory about the cards, and the napped group had performed better:

4. Exercise Boost our Willpower

Definitely, exercise is more than good for our body, but what about our brain? Well apparently there is a connection between exercise and mental alertness.

human brain facts

For Example: If you do exercise your brain recognizes this on the basis of your body moves or like as a moment of stress. When your heart pressure increases, the brain thinks you are either fighting the enemy or scary from it. To protect yourself and your brain decrease the stress, you release a specific protein called BDNF (Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor). This BDNF has a protective and also act as a reset switch. This is the major reason that we feel more lightly and ease after exercising and this is truly human brain facts.

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