Weirdest Things On The Internet – Most Mysterious

weirdest things on the internet

The Internet

The Internet is a network of different networks that’s really combined to share and collect different kind of data. You will find the data as you have need. Today we will discuss about the weirdest things on the internet which are rare and anonymous information. Please read below.

Top Weirdest Things on the Internet

weirdest things on the internet

  • In 1986, the African lake situated near volcanic area had burped a gas cloud that was actually Carbon dioxide gas and more than 1700 people were dead only in a few minutes.
  • The weirdest things on the internet are about Viagra, Viagra can’t only work on the human body, it can also keep active the flowers. Viagra can active the cut flowers more than a week, which is really longer than routine or normal behavior.
  • A rare story about cutting head chicken. In 1945 a chicken with the name rooster alive eighteen month without eating anything byself. It was an accident and undesired matter, that whole head was cut down, but the breathing vein was active that make him alive for 18 months.
  • In the dark age of Briton people used human skulls for drinking something, like as a cup.
  • Beers can also made up with the fossils.

Weird news on the Internet

weirdest things on the internet

  • A snail has more than 2500 teeth, but don’t worry snails are not dangerous while they were eaten any poisonous item, but these are very rare.
  • Gold is used in some herbal formula’s and this is really know too unbelievable that Gold is really edible and used to eat but as medication way which is weirdest things on the internet.
  • According to medical science research that in an adult age human body, blood vessels exist over than 100,000 miles which is unbelievable and weirder.
  • A pea could be dangerous if you inhale it through nose because there should be possibility of sprout and also can grow up in your lungs.

Animals – Weird Part of the Internet

weirdest things on the internet

  • The weirdest things on the internet is about tiny village Talkeetna Alaska (U.S.A) that a 16 year old cat named Stubbs, was blessed as a mayor for nearly fifteen years.
  • The weirdest things on the internet about animals, Hippopotamus. The color of Hippopotamus milk is pink which is much stranger.
  • Cockroaches can alive even with the cutting heads, but they died with the starvation because without head they are not capable to search or eating food which is most creepiest things on the internet.

weirdest things on the internet

  • The weirdest things on the internet about London zoo in the 18th century, people were only allowed to visit the zoo who brings a dog or cat or such other foods to the lions. Good stuff for animals were used to as an admission ticket of the zoo.
  • Animals weird behavior , specially Koalas female indulges in captivity, can engage in the behavior like a lesbian.

Ancient Rome has a unique history, according to punishment in the retaliation of law and order specially killing one’s father becomes to the death zone, and punished with a packed sack along with a dog, viper snake and a cock .