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Monthly Archives: October 2016

interesting space facts

Interesting Space Facts – That we Must Know about Space

Supernova is the interesting space facts that happen in a star explosion. This explosion is very high that takes place in the space. Supernovas...
human body facts

Human Body Facts – Amazing Knowledge of Human Organs

Human body is the spectacular creation by GOD. The human body facts are described as the structure of a human being and composed a...
amazing space facts

Amazing Space Facts about Black Holes – Super Massive

Eventually described this amazing space facts, black hole in space is a place where gravity shows so much more even light cannot get out....
human brain facts

Weird Human Brain Facts – Based on Latest Research

Everyone who lives on earth you can think of like mammals, reptiles, birds, fish has a brain. But the human brain is superior to...
weird things to eat

Cherimoya – Fruit Weird Things to Eat

Delicious, yummy, pulpy, and vitamin C rich cherimoya is one of the most awesome tropical fruits of the world. These greenish-yellow weird things to...
strange foods around the world

Strangest Foods Around the World – Most Likely Snake Wine

In Southeast Asia it’s not normal to find bottles of wine collection with whole snakes for sale. Some accept it like strange foods around...
weird but true facts about food

Top 10 Weird but True Facts about Food – Waps Crackers

Interesting Food Facts Food is the essential item for life. It makes our body work able , grow and makes healthy our bodies. It’s just...
weird food

Top Weird Food Around The World – How To Cook Them

There are different kinds of weird foods around the world, Sometimes they are only according to their tradition and some of god for nutrition....